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Liquid Phase Reaction

Gas Phase Reaction

Among Koei Chemical's expertise is the production technology which combines its proprietary catalysts and gas technologies. We are trying to brush up our gas phase technology to become the best in the world through our own research and development.

(a) Oxidation/Dehydrogenation


(b) Oxidation


(c) Ammoxidation


(d) Dehydration


(e) Dehydrogenation


(f) Cyclic-condensation and Dehydrogenation, Heterocyclic Compounds Synthesis


(g) Alkylation


(h) Dealkylation


(i) Amination


(j) Ketone Synthesis


(k) Others reaction

Hydrogenation, Chlorination, Isomerization,
Heterobicyclic Compounds Synthesis, etc.

* Catalysts

Silver Catalysts
Copper Catalysts
Noble Metal Catalysts(Pd/Al2O3,Pt/Al2O3, etc.)
Oxide Catalysts / Mixed Oxide Catalysts
(SiO2-Al2O3,V2O5,MoO3,ZnO,ZrO2,etc. )
Zeolite Catalysts