Responsible Care

Commitment of ImplementationCorporate Policy on  Product Quality, Safety  and Environment


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Earth & Chemistry Challenge

Environmental Preservation

Earth & Chemistry Challenge

Koei Chemical Responsible Care Activities

1) Introduction

In conformity with the principle for Responsible Care in April ,1996, our Company has been implementing publicly pledged activities aimed at chemical product safety, process safety and disaster prevention, occupational safety and health, environmental preservation, and quality assurance throughout the full life cycle of chemical products, from development and production to distribution and use through to final consumption and disposal.

Our Company, hereby declares to implement the precepts of the Earth & Chemistry Challenge.

2) Corporate Mission

Our Company, as a member of leading chemical group, will make continuous efforts to ensure the efficient use of the Earth's limited resources and reduce the emission of wastes by improving unit, and to preserve human and the Earth's precious environment, thus making sustainable development of our Company.


3) Methods


Improvement of unit
To develop technology on all chemical products with less impact on the environment and minimizing use of the Earth's resources by means of improving unit.


Development of original technologies
To develop human-and the Earth-friendly original technologies.


Development of new chemical products
To develop human-and the Earth-friendly chemical products.