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Product information on ionic liquids

What is an ionic liquid?

Ionic liquid and ordinary salt

An ionic liquid is a material (salt) consisting entirely of ions and a liquid at and below 100℃.

Ionic liquids have drawn increasing interest in recent years as a variety of physical properties can be created by designing their anions and cations, and combinations thereof.

Applications of ionic liquids are being developed in multiple fields as their vapor pressures are extremely low, they dissolve various materials, have high ion conductivity, and are liquid across a wide temperature range.

Characteristics of ionic liquids

Volatility: Ionic liquids have negligent vapor pressure and are not volatile.
Thermostability: Ionic liquids are very stable under heat.
Description: Ionic liquids remain as liquids across a wide temperature range.
Electric conductivity: Ionic liquids exhibit high electric conductivity.
Potential window: Ionic liquids are electrochemically stable.