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Chemical products department handles derivatives of methanol, our basic material,such as polyols including pentaerythritol and trimethylolpropane, and others.
Of these, dipentaerythritol has been highly regarded as a raw material of paints, inks, stabilizers, and lubricants, and we have a large market share in the world.


In addition to being used as a material for various synthetic resins, formalins are used as basic materials throughout the chemical industry.
Applications: Paints, Synthetic resins, Adhesives.


Polyols are widely used as a raw material of alkyd resin paints, applied for cars and buildings.
Applications: Paints, Stabilizer for PVC, Plasticizers, Printing Inks, Lubricants.


Introducing fine chemical department

Fine chemicals department handles specialty organic chemicals and agrochemical and pharmaceutical related products such as pyridine bases, pyrazines and amines. These products came into being after we had developed technical expertise accumulated through long experience, refined them into various specialty fields, having correctly grasped customers sophisticated and divers needs, and applied specialized synthetic techniques to meet such needs.


In 1964, we were the first company in Japan to successfully manufacture pyridines.
Since then, they have been used as intermediates for pharmaceuticals and agrochemicals. A large amount is used all over the world as a material for agrochemicals. Recently, their derivatives have been eagerly sought in the world market as intermediates of various pharmaceuticals. As a result, our products are sold to major pharmaceutical manufactures around the world.
Applications: Pharmaceuticals, Agrochemicals, Solvents, Adhesives.


Cyanopyrazine was first marketed in 1985 as a raw material of pyrazinamide, an anti-tuberculosis agent. Since then, many pharmaceutical manufacturers have engaged in the production of pyrazinamide and we are supporting these customer worldwide.
Applications: Pharmaceuticals, Agrochemicals.


Since 1962 when they were commercialized, amines have been widely used as principal materials of wide variety of fine chemical products including pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, surfactants, resins and paints. With our strengths in the production, we have close to 100% share of specialty amines in the domestic market, and have been also active in selling them in the world market.
The product line has grown to be consisted of over 100 products and the demand for them is steadily increasing.
Applications: Surfactants, Rubber chemicals, Photographic chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Agrochemicals, Dyestuffs.

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